Is R-410A Here to Stay?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not given any indication that it will target R-410A in residential applications, and under the Trump administration, the agency may perhaps be less aggressive than it was under the Obama administration and, therefore, less likely to push for additional refrigerant phasedowns.

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Pre-insulated phenolic ductwork makes its way into the HVAC industry

In Elgin, Illinois, communications equipment company Motorola Solutions was planning an update to a 300,000-square-foot building that would be used for corporate training and manufacturing. While the building was relatively new, Motorola invested $18 million in upgrades to bring the facility’s components to “state-of-the-art” status — one of which was its HVAC system.

The original HVAC ductwork was fabricated with galvanized sheet metal and wrapped with insulation, but when Arlington Heights, Illinois-based sheet metal fabrication contractor Sheet Metal Werks was hired to make and supply the new ductwork, Sheet Metal Werks President Kevin Ryan suggested a product that steps away from industry tradition: pre-insulated phenolic ductwork.

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Challenges In Aging Health Care Infrastructure

Changing laws, advanced technologies, and an aging population are just a few factors driving the cost consciousness of the healthcare industry today. Too often, operational dollars and funding for capital improvements represent the types of investments that do not move the needle quickly enough to affect the bottom line. This limits the design and construction of healthcare facilities to meet short-term needs with little planning toward the future. Further, disruptions within healthcare, and in any critical operation facility, are detrimental and often equate to disruption in revenue.

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Silicon Valley topples S.F. as top U.S. office market (report)



Silicon Valley has claimed the top spot in Marcus & Millichap’s 2017 U.S. Office Investment Forecast, nudging out San Francisco, which dropped from first to third in the list this year.

Seattle-Tacoma sits between the two California economic hubs on the annual list.

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The Evolution of HVAC Training

The amount of hours technicians are trained, the types of training required, and the trainings technicians attend are all fluid elements HVAC contractors must navigate on a case-by-case basis.

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IoT-enabled HVAC Systems: 4 Tips to Maximize Efficiency


Drive HVAC Efficiency with Internet of Things Functionality

The Internet of Things, a system of smart devices that communicate with each other, could drive down your facility’s HVAC energy spend – if it’s implemented intelligently. IoT-enabled HVAC usually takes the form of smart thermostats and sensors monitoring environmental changes and communicating back and forth with your HVAC equipment, dynamically adjusting temperature as needed.

Deriving maximum benefit from adding IoT devices to your HVAC setup requires careful implementation. Consider these four tips to maximize the usefulness of your IoT-enabled HVAC system.

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Will ASHRAE 90.1-2016 create a new era for DDC controls?

ASHRAE standard 90.1’s goal to progressively reduce building energy usage has resulted in the steady introduction of additional requirements to each new version of the standard.

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